Hydrogen Fueled Engines

100% Hydrogen Fueled Electric Generators.  Now Available.

These fine Generators come packed with Sound proof covers for quiet operation  and weather protection.  

These Generators arrive ready to start just connect hydrogen tanks.

 These Hydrogen Only Fueled Generators can also have Hydrogen Fuel makers fitted to make fuel on demand as follows.  We have 70-80% Fuel Supplementation. 

We Need Experienced Dealers To Resell these exciting new products.

Ideal as back up power, community power, Marine Engines Industrial and Farm Applications.


Hydrogen Fuel Generators
Hydrogen Fuel Generators

100% Hydrogen Generators  and engines 
For your Reference and Resale. 

Hydrogen Generator 100%

Secure Supplies video1


Secure Supplies video2


Tanks Sold Separate 

For 100% hydrogen powered electricity generator set :

All Prices CIF include shipping.

25KW    $15,800  

50KW    $22,600   

75KW    $29,500  

100KW  $38,500 

230KW  $98,670  

300KW  $195,320 

500KW  $335,500      

800KW  $381,320  

1 MW     $456,600  

Want to join  2 4 or 6 generator together for community power? 

We have the  Synchronous Parallel Controllers $2800

Prices FOB Hong Kong /Thailand Shipping is by Sea

Payment is TT 

and Shipping is with in 5 Day Dispatch 




Q& A 

 Sea shipping usually 30 days
can be 15 depends on the carrier we advise air way etc at loading to follow ship schedule.

50Kw Gen Set. can put in spare water pump and gaskets for heat etc  yes, sure, heat exchanger can be equipped.  

startup process and a list of anything that I need for start up?   

Just connect to hydrogen pipe and switch on.

Please send specifications for the tanks  

Just hydrogen purity above 94% and pressure 0.1-0.4Mpa compressed tank 

What is the warranty on the complete generator set?    2years 
For a 50Kw unit, how many liters will be produced
 to run the engine? 
saw doc can you type it in email so clear to read.   
0.3cubic meter per hour for the 100% hydrogen type .

1. What is your max production at what amps and voltage?

The Engine runs from Tanks,  at 5 litre per minute   or     m3 0.3/hr per h 96%purity for 50 kw as a bench mark. 6 ltr engine.

The Generator does 50,000 watt/hr or 50 kw. 110-240 





Secure Supplies HHO Fishing Boat



We are proud to bring these  High Quality Hydrogen Fuel Makers

to the market Globally.   These titanium split gas pure hydrogen production units,

are used to supply supplemental fuel to diesel gasoline or gas engines. 

These are safe and require no tanks. They make fuel on demand from the generators alternator power.    For a Engine install or Generator sales Organization this are fantastic product to introduce to your clients. 

These Fuel makers with provide a excellent way to return profits to you sales channels. and give good reason to visit clients and open new opportunities with them.  These Supplemental Fuel Makers in a standard kit will supplement diesel or gasoline 20-35% and can go as high as 45% with simple 30 minute installation.

Not only do they supplement fuel consumption and lower cost for the client.

But they reduce harmful emissions and totally clean up engines. 

We invite you to open a conversation to join us as a dealer for these fine world changing products. 

These Fuel Maker Make Pure Hydrogen and so they can fill tanks and connect directly to fuel rail to supplement on hydrogen only engines and electric generators. 

They  work from 24 volt  4 amps per cell and can run from 110-240 or the generator alternator.  We have adapters for that and also for      

                       12 volt dc to 24 volt dc.  

A popular method right now is to connect them to solar

on 24volt or 36-48 volt



Here is some of our work here we are doing on the self fueling 24 volt 4 amp split gas Titanium Fuel Maker units that run 24 hrs. with a out put of 1.2 lite per minute each. 

Self fuel supplementation For the Hydrogen Only Generator

Here are the current prep  tests we are doing for the direct Hydrogen Generator Fuel line supplementation project with you.  We have small compressor units be made at this time also.

Fuel Make Unit test each cell Achieved 24 v 4 amps 24 hour running

2 .5 Bar  43.50 PSI a 6 litre   Hydrogen Engine needs 20 psi .  So we can run the cell in series 6 – 10 cells  MAJOR ADVANCE FOR THE INDUSTRY

Uni Tech Test video 1


Uni Tech Test Video 2



 We tested up to 2.5 Bar which is 43.50 PSI



Cell perfect – no leaks 24 v 4 amps  1 liter per minute pure H 24 hr running spec 

as we have controller volt from generator alternator or from mains or from battery solar.

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