Marine Ship Boat Diesels Hydrogen Fuel Supplementation Systems #Marine #Ship #Boat #Diesels #Hydrogen #Fuel #Supplementation #Systems

Marine Ship Boat Diesels Hydrogen Fuel Supplementation Systems 

#Marine #Ship #Boat #Diesels #Hydrogen #Fuel #Supplementation #Systems



Reduce Fishing Fuel Costs-Reduce Emissions-

Gain Performance-Increased Range


Hydrogen Fuel On Demand

As we head towards the Year 2020 it was only a matter of time before Hydrogen Fuel on Demand became Reality.     


Our New Ranges of Quantum Hydrogen Engine Supplementation system’s, are cutting edge fuel efficiency technology Business solutions.

These new Hydrogen systems create small amounts of hydrogen and oxygen using a highly efficient separation process to supplement the fuel in all standard petrol, diesel and LPG engines. The two gases, hydrogen and oxygen contained in water [H20], are split and separated by the Quantum’s patented systems. These gases are kept separated within the system. Another unique feature is the automatic electronics that control the systems stability and safety. The safety features includes a shutdown of the system for temperatures higher than 158 F (70 degrees C). The hydrogen produced on demand is used as fuel a catalyst, and is meter fed into your engine using special techniques, that gives a greater flame propagation to improve clean low emission burning of fossil fuels. Normally, a combustion engine only burns about 75% of the fuel. The hydrogen boosts & burns the normally un combusted /unburned fuel % to provide you with a higher more complete engine operation efficiency.

  • 12 Volt /24 Volt/ 36 Volt /48 Volt
  • Titanium
  • Split Gas Membrane
  • Advanced Control Technology
  • Measurable Fuel Savings

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The Most Advanced Controllers

Automatic 24 hr Operation. Our system solutions are strong reliable fuel saving devices.  This gives you peace of mind & Real Savings.

Seen to be Green”. Recognition status.

  • Freeze Monitor
  • Auto Refill
  • Heat Control
  • Volt Amp Limiter
  • Empty Alert


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